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Many campaigns are run all over the world regarding cleanliness, one of which includes personal hygiene. In the cold days, many people take bath except one day, but in staying without bathing more than that, the person himself starts feeling dirty. But today we are going to introduce you to such a person, who has not put a drop of water on his body for the last 67 years, not one or two. Yes, this 87-year-old man from Iran is the world’s dirtiest man. This man named Amou says that he has not taken a bath for 67 years. Even water has not been touched. After all, why Amo Haji is so averse to water, let us tell you what Haji has to say.

Amou Haji BioGraphy

There are many types of people living in this world, some behave like ordinary humans, but some people are also seen in a very strange type. Here we are talking about a person who is afraid of bathing, you too were surprised to hear this but it is true. This person lives in Iran, whose name is Amou  and his age is 83 years old. Amau Haji is considered the dirtiest man in the world today.” Amou  himself claims that he has not taken a bath for more than 65 years. This is very strange and surprising to hear, but according to Haji , he is afraid of water and this is the reason why he has not bathed in water for more than six decades. Amou  told that if he takes a bath, he will fall ill and that is why he is away from water for more than 65 years. Haji drinks 5 liters of water a day. Whenever their hair grows out, they burn them. He tries to keep himself warm in winter with a helmet, this hamlet was used during the war.

Name Amou Haji
Famous for World’s dirtiest man
Age 87 Year Old approx
Date Of Birth Don’t Know
Religion Muslim
Gender Male
Birth Place Iran
Profession Don’t Know
Zodiac sign Don’t Know
Salary Don’t Know
Father Don’t Know
Mother Don’t Know
Sister Don’t Know
Children Name Don’t Know
Wife name Don’t Know
 School Don’t Know
College Don’t Know
Qualification Don’t Know
 Physical Status
Amou Haji BioGraphy Cover Pic
Height Don’t Know
Body type Don’t Know
Weight Don’t Know
Eye Color Don’t Know
Hair Color Don’t Know
Shoe Size Don’t Know
Chest size 50 inches Approx
Waist  size 50 inches Approx
Biceps 30 inches Approx
  Dress Size Don’t Know
 Relationship Status
Are you married ? Don’t Know
Is he Gay No
Any Affair No
Ex Girl Friend name Don’t Know
Wife Name Don’t Know
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 live inside pits

He lives alone in the Iranian desert, but he does not want to be alone and is looking for his mate. Actually Amou does not have any house of his own. Because of this, they live in the pits made in the desert outside the village. At the same time, Amou’s favorite food is meat. He does not like home-cooked food and is fond of non-veg food. Now the question arises that why are they doing this? Emotionally, he had some problems in life, after which he learned this way of living in life.

He is fond of cigarettes

According to the information, he is very fond of smoking cigarettes and when his cigarettes are over, the villagers bring him cigarettes, and instead of tobacco, he smokes with dry animal dung. Also, according to him, he remains dirty only to keep himself alive.


He looks like a caveman and looks old, which even ordinary people know to be nearly a century old, turns gray and a thick layer of pus weighs on his body. Haji avoids eating any fresh food or drinking healthy water, so that if he is forced to drink refreshing water, he will react negatively and express severe discomfort. The most delicious foods, he says, are dead and rotten animals.

Interesting Facts

  • He also finds the most stinky and dirtiest place to rest. At night the Haji sleeps in a pit which looks like a grave. He also hates cleanliness in food and drink. He eats rotten meat of dead animals.
  • Haji loves to smoke, but he prefers not to smoke with tobacco or anything else but with animal feces. For this he uses a rusty pipe.e
  • At the same time, he wears a helmet to avoid the cold. It was once used during the war.
  • On this state of his, Haji says that he adopted such a life after the ups and downs he met during his youth. Earlier he was like a common man, but after some serious problems in life, he changed his way of living and isolated himself.
  • Today he is very happy in his life full of filth. However, for this reason he is also called the dirtiest human being in the world.

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Frequently Ask Question 

Ques :What happened to him?
Ans : He hasn’t bathed in the past 60 years

Ques : Why does he poop?
Ans : To relax he likes to sit down .

Ques : Is the world’s dirtiest man still alive?
Ans :  Yes.

Ques :  What is his religion?
Ans : Muslim

Ques : Why is he famous?
Ans : Because he is world’s dirtiest man.

Ques :  Who is his mother?
Ans : Don’t know

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