Andy Partridge BioGraphy

Andy Partridge BioGraphy : Do you want to read BioGraphy of Andy Partridge to know who is Andy Partridge, and some interesting facts related to his personal life about his career. So stay with us, today we are going to tell you the Complete BioGraphy of Andy Partridge in simple words.

Andy Partridge BioGraphy

He is an English singer, Wave multi-instrumentalist ,songwriter, and record producer and has created his own rock band XTC for which he has written most of the songs. He and Colin Molding worked together as a songwriter and front man for the XTC band, with Partridge writing about two-thirds of the group’s material.His band had become a formative hooligan group.However, Partridge drew heavily from his songwriters in the 1960s. and his singing style shifted to traditional pop. The song ‘Sense Working Overtime’ written by him in 1982 was his band’s only British Top-10 hit. Andy Partridge is the “godfather” of Britpop. 1980 when he worked for several other recording artists, wrote or produced songs with them. Of which there were also collaborative albums with Peter Bleggwad, Harold Budd and Robin Hitchcock.Along with music, he was also fond of graphic illustrator, toy soldier hobbyist and designer of board games.

Early life

Andrew John Partridge was born on 11 November 1953 in Matarfa, Malta to Matarfa Royal Navy. He spent his childhood at the Penhill Council estate in Swindon.He is the only child of his parents. His father’s name was John, he was a Navy Signalman. and his mother Vera who was a shop assistant in chemist by profession. When Partridge reached adolescence, he learned that his father was having an extramarital affair, his mother had a nervous breakdown. One was “verbally disapproved” by his mother when he started growing his hair longer.1972 was the year when Andy Partridge’s band grew rapidly. It was then that their group split into four pieces called “Star Park”. He then got a job in a record shop and became involved in bands such as The New York Dolls, The Stooges,  Alice Cooper, and the Pink Fairies.

Before Fame

  • Andrew John Partridge co-founded XTC with Colin Moulding in 1972. After 5 years he released his first album.

Andy Partridge Personal life

Partridge married Marianne Wyborn in 1979. Which lasted till 1994. He had 2 children. Whose names were Holly and Harry. His beta Harry is a freelance web animator who produced the comedy short Saturday Morning Watchmen in 2009. After the divorce, Partridge had a long relationship with American singer Erica Wexler. Partridge met Wexler in the early 1980s. And their relationship didn’t last for Wexler’s years, then they started dating soon after she broke up with artist Roy Lichtenstein in 1994. Andy Partridge’s songs often focus on his hometown of Swindon,  comic book characters,  politics,  financial constraints,insects, sea travel, religion, factory work,war and ancient customs. XTC’s 1986 song “Dear God” was similar to the anti-religious message Partridge had written. And this song remained in controversial for a long time. Andy Partridge explains that he is an atheist, saying that heaven and hell exist symbolically. Another song released in 1986, the song “Season Cycle”, which also had couplets .And then in 1989, the song “Garden of Earthly Delights” was released with the lyrics “Do what you wanna do / Just don’t hurt anyone”.

Andy Partridge BioGraphy
Real Name Andrew John Partridge
Nick Name Sir John Johns
Age 67 year old
Date Of Birth 11 November 1953 
Gender Male
Birth Place Imtarfa, Malta
Profession Songwriter , Musician ,guitar, visual artist ,record producer ,game designer
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Net worth Approx $1 million – $5 million dollars
Genres Lo-Fi / Slacker Rock, Post-Punk, Psychedelic Pop, Experimental, Ambient, Neo-Psychedelia
Associated acts XTC, the Dukes of Stratosphear, Monstrance, Peter Blegvad, Robyn Hitchcock
Instruments harmonica, Vocals, keyboards
Origin Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Andy Partridge Family 
Father John
Mother Vera
Wife name Marianne Wyborn (ex- wife)
Children Holly and Harry
Andy Partridge Education
 School Not Know
College Not Know
Qualification Drop out
Andy Partridge Physical Status
Height Under Review
Body type Under Review
Weight Under Review
Eye Colour Under Review
Hair Colour Bald
Shoe Size Under Review
Waist size Under Review
Bust size Under Review
Butt size Under Review
Andy Partridge Relationship Status
Is he  married ? Yes
Is he Gay No
Any Affair Yes
Ex. Wife Name Marianne Wyborn
Girl Friend Name Erica Wexler
Andy Partridge Social Network
Facebook Link
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Wikipedia Link

Andy Partridge Health

Talking about the health of Andy Partridge, there used to be some problem in his health at one time or another. As if he experienced auditory synthesis. Which he used to help in writing his song. He later speculated that he was probably on the autistic spectrum.

Andy Partridge Height/ Weight

Andy Partridge has turned 68 years old. And now he is not very active on social. That is why no one knows his height, weight, hair color, eyes color now. And if I speak my words, then the person should be recognized by his work. And Andy Partridge’s name is enough. So for that.He was professionally diagnosed as “hyperactive” when he was just 12 years old.In 1992, Partridge had an ear infection, due to which he became temporarily deaf. In 2006, he lost some of his hearing after a studio accident, which caused him to develop severe and permanent tinnitus. And after that he had even thought of committing suicide.

Andy Partridge Net worth

Andy Partridge is a Musician, songwriter, record producer, visual artist, game designer, Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, his net worth can be estimated at $1 million – $5 million dollars.

Artists influenced

Here we list some names of artists who specifically mention Partridge as an influence.

  • Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree
  • Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo
  • Roger Manning of Jellyfish and the Moog Cookbook
  • John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers (particularly on the album By the Way)
  • Keiichi Suzuki of Moonriders (particularly on the soundtracks for the video game series Mother)


Andy Partridge is the most popular guitarist. He also knows how to play instruments like vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica. And he  is the most famous celebrity born in Malta.Andy Partridge co-founded the XTC band with Colin Moulding. And exactly 5 years later would release his first album.

Andy Partridge FAQ’s Update :

Question : What is the real Nick Name of Andy Partridge ?
Answer : Sir John Johns

Question : What is the date of birth of Andy Partridge ?
Answer : 67 Year old & 11 Nov 1953 DOB

Question : Andy Partridge Birth Place ?
Answer : Imtarfa, Malta

Question : What is the Andy Partridge Father Name ?
Answer : John

Question : What is the Andy Partridge Mother Name ?
Answer : Vera

Question : What is the Andy Partridge Ex-Wife Name ?
Answer : Marianne Wyborn (ex- wife)

Question : What is the Andy Partridge Children Name ?
Answer : Holly and Harry

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