Bella Poarch BioGraphy

People on the web have assumed that TikTok star shot people while serving in the Navy, but have not found confirmation. However, even this stuffing became a reason for discussing stereotypes. And commentators got very angry when they compared public attitudes towards men and women with weapons. This youtuber is a 19-year-old Filipino American who became popular thanks to TikTok. In the videos posted on the girl’s page, the blogger shakes her head to the beat of the music and repeats the words of the performers. In addition, Bella hosts content related to video games, anime, and streams on Twitch. The tiktoker is followed by over 36 million followers, and the most famous video has about 480 million views – one of the records of the social network. The secret of the girl’s success is considered to be unusual facial expressions and content, which is radically different from the classic video of TikTokers.

Bella Poarch BioGraphy

Bella Porch was born on February 8, 1997. Her birth place is Philippines. She spent her childhood in teaching music, developing artistry and singing. When she turned 13, she moved with her family to the United States, Hawaii. Bella grew up here and left to serve in the American Navy. The first posts of 2017 on the star’s Instagram reflect exactly that difficult period of her life – photos of military uniforms and laconic signatures. Bella is a Filipino by nationality, about which she proudly informs netizens on erroneous assumptions about Asian origin. She is connected with Japanese culture only by her boundless love for anime and computer games. In the photo and video, the blogger can often be seen in the form of a fatal anime girl or with a glowing joystick in her hands. Talented imitation of her favorite cartoon characters led Porch to unexpected success after registering with Tik Tok in April 2020. There is no article on the young celebrity on Wikipedia yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

  Personal Life

Appearance and facial expressions of Damage are united by one definition – cute. A girl with very long black hair, an attractive face and a perfect figure is causing a storm of discussion about her love life. However, so far the Internet has not even seen a leak of any information about her romantic relationship. Bella is quite young and too keen on entertaining leisure, so serious novels, according to commentators, are not expected in the near future.

 Rise to fame

Bella had become depressed after serving in the US Army, which she has openly told about this on her Twitter. However, the recording of a short lip-sync video for Tik Tok took the sad girl’s biography to a new level. Before that, she posted similar videos and was slowly gaining an audience. All her posts united the hashtags “asian” and “gamer”, which generally characterize the interests of the girl. The history of the track “M to the B” began long before Bella’s active appearance on social networks. This song was written by rap singer Millie B. As a diss to another British artist in 2016. And only in August 2020, a 10-second excerpt with a set of emotional sounds and words attracted Porch. Combining cartoon facial expressions and an innocent look that changes charismatically to an indifferent one, the Filipino tiktokersha shot a real hit among other Lipsinks. In just a month, the video was watched hundreds of millions of times, reposted on all possible social networks and made Bella   a modern icon of TikTok Wednesday. An endless number of parodies of the song “M to the B” appear on Instagram and other platforms – video bloggers try to repeat or alter the Corruption masterpiece. With her submission, users carefully studied the capabilities of Face Zoom – it was this filter with the ability to “swing” the frame that became an important ingredient in Bella’s video. At the end of August, there was the maximum number of new subscribers of Tiktokershi – immediately plus 2 million per day, and the viral video as of mid-September had already been watched by 392 million people. According to some estimates, this is an absolute Tik Tok record for such a short time from the date of publication. Later, another video of she was released with the background track “The Banjo Beat” by Ricky Desktop. Here she also shakes her head bewitchingly to the music, changes her facial expression and conquers more and more fans.

Real Name Bella Poarch
YouTube Channel Name Bella Poarch
Age 24 Year Year Old
Date Of Birth February 8, 1997
Nationality American, Philippine
Religion N/A
Gender Female
Birth Place Philippines
Profession Social media star and TikTok Star
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net worth Approx $700 million
Ethnicity Filipina
You tube subscriber 4 million
Father Name Caitlyn Jenner
Mother Name Kris Jenner
Brother  Name Don’t Know
Sister   Name Don’t Know
Boy Friend name Don’t Know
School Don’t Know
University Don’t Know
Qualification Don’t Know
  Physical Status
Bella Poarch BioGraphy Cover Pic
Height In cm – 160 cm In meters – 1.6 m In ft – 5 ft 3 Approx
Body Slim
Weight 121 lbs approx
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size 7 (US)
Bra size Approx  30 B
Butt Size Approx 36 inches
Waist Size Approx 24 inches
 Dress Size 5 (US) Approx
Sexual Orientation Straight
  Relationship Status
Are you married ? No
Is she Lesbian No
Any Affair No
Ex Boyfriend Name N/A
Current Boy friend name N/A
  Social Network
Facebook Link
Twitter Link
Instagram Link
YouTube channel Link
Tik Tok Link

 Social Media

She garnered over 22 million followers in just 5 months. On Instagram, her audience numbers 3.6 million curious users. The first advertising posts have already appeared here, which speaks of the girl’s developing earnings. The adorable Filipino tiktoker in the fall of 2020 continues to record short videos with her characteristic presentation. One of the latest Lip sinks also features Ricky Desktop beats.

  Net Worth

There is no doubt that she is one of the most popular TikTok stars. Along with this, her followers and fans also have many arguments regarding her net worth. So today we tell you, putting aside all the logic, what is the net worth of Bella . According to sources,her ‘s 2021 net worth is around $200,000 to $300,000.

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Frequently Ask Question

Que:  Is she in the military?
Ans: She is a U.S. Navy veteran.

Que:  Why is she so popular?
Ans: She most famous for her hypnotic lip-sync videos.

Que:  Did She write a song?

Que:  Did Bella  copy Mozart?
Ans: Poarch stole that tune from Mozart.

Que:  How much money has she make from TikTok?
Ans: She earn  $200,000 to $300,000.

Que:  How old is Bella  Navy?
Ans:24 year old

Que:  What is her height?
Ans: 5 ft 3inch

Que:  How much is her worth 2021?
Ans:Approx  $ 1.5 million.

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