Chalino Sánchez BioGraphy

Chalino Sánchez BioGraphy : He is full name is Rosalino “Chalino” Sánchez Félix. He was born on August 30, 1960 and died on May 16, 1992. He was a regional Mexican singer and songwriter. Even today people remember him for his corridor recording. He had a son whose name was Chalino’s son Adán Chalino Sánchez. Adán Chalino was born on 14 April 1984. And he was also a regional Mexican singer. Chalino’s son died in an automobile accident in Sinaloa.

Chalino Sanchez BioGraphy

He was born on a small farm “El Guayabo” in Sinaloa, Mexico. His birth name is Rosalino but he later changed it to his surname Chalino. The names of his parents were Santos Sanchez and Senorina Felix. Chalino was the youngest of 7 siblings. He was raised along with his siblings. Chalino’s childhood was spent in a poor and difficult one. His sister named Juana often referred to He as a curious and mischievous child who always dreamed of becoming a singer.

Her sister was raped by a wealthy and dangerous man named “Chapo” Perez when she was 15 years old. And two years later i.e. in 1977, a party Chalino saw that person and allegedly shot him in revenge and that person died at the same time. Chalino was 17 years old at the time. After this incident, He left for Tijuana with his gun and a Jesus Malverde chain. He went there and worked as a “coyote” (an immigrant smuggler).

And in the same year Chalino entered the United States as an undocumented migrant worker. After coming to the US, he started in Oregon and then moved to Inglewood, California in Los Angeles to live with his aunt. After he arrived, he washed dishes, sold cars and, according to his friends, traded small amounts of marijuana and cocaine. At the same time, he also helped his elder brother, whose name is Armando, to run an immigration-smuggling campaign.

Personal Life

He met Marisela Vallejos through her cousin Rosalba. In 1984, Chalino Marisela Vallejos married in a simple and intimate wedding. When they married their first son, Adan Sanchez was already on the way. They shared two children, Adana Sanchez and Cynthia Sanchez. They were married until the death.

Update & Added Some New Latest Information [Change New Pic] : Talking about writing the studies of this singer, then this singer did not study much. Because he was born in a poor family. And then he fell into the wrong company. At a young age, he gave his ben to the rapist. And to avoid the police, he had come to his aunt’s house in Inglewood, California. His childhood was not like an ordinary child.Do you know where is the Burial place of this singer? If not, we will give the address. He was shot and killed on 16 May 1992 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. So his body is in the burial ground of Panteón de Los Vasitos Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Chalino Sánchez BioGraphy
Real Name Rosalino “Chalino” Sánchez Félix
Nick name Chalino Sanchez
Date Of Death 16 May 1992
Date Of Birth 30 August 1960
Cause Of Death Assassination (gunshot wound to the head)
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Resting place Los Vacitos, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Father Don’t Know
Mother Don’t Know
Sibling Name 7 brother & sister
Children Name
  • Adán Sánchez
  • Cynthia Sanchez
 Wife name Marisela Vallejos Felix
 School Don’t Know
 High School Don’t Know
Qualification Don’t Know
Physical Status
Chalino Sánchez Photos
Height 5 feet and 3 inches Approx
Body type Slim
Weight In kilograms – 42 kg In pounds – 92 lbs Approx
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Shoe Size 7 (US) Approx
Chest Size 34  Approx
Biceps Size 15 Approx
Waist Size 30 Approx
Relationship Status
Are you married ? Yes
Is he Gay No
Any Affair No
Girlfriend No
Wife name Marisela Vallejos Felix
Social Network
LinkedIn Not Active
Facebook Link
Twitter Link
Instagram Link
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On May 15, four months after filming Coachella, he played a rare gig at Culiac at the Salon Bugambilias. The show was a huge success, but after that everything changed. Chalino flies out of the club after midnight with his two brothers, a cousin and several young women. They were pulled on the road circle by a group of armed men in a Chevrolet Sub ans. The men flashed state police IDs and pulled one of the brothers out of the car. They told Chalino that the commander wanted to see him. They talked a little more, and Chalino agreed to go with the men, getting into one of their cars, while the others followed behind. A few hours later, at 6 a.m. on 16 May 1992, two campesinos discovered the body of Chalino Sches, formed by an irrigation canal near Highway 15 north of the city near Los Laureles, Culyakan. He was blindfolded and had rope marks. He was wounded twice in the back of the head.


After the singer left this world, the popularity of the recordings increased along with the popularity of the albums he released. Millions of streams were collected even after almost 3 decades after the death of this songwriter. His album remains popular with young Hispanic listeners.

Discography list
1989 17 Exitos
1990 13 Mejores Exitos
  • Homenaje a Pollero
  • El Bandido Generoso
  • A Todo Sinaloa
  • Nieves De Enero Con Los Amables Del Norte
  • Alma Enamorada
  • El Pavido Navido
  • El Pela Vacas
  • Adios a Chalino
  • Con Vaquero’s Musical
  • Con Banda Brava
  • Con Mariachi
  • Chuyita Beltran
1994 Desilusion
  • Hermosisimo Lucero
  • Corridos Con Mariachi
  • Recordando A Chalino
  • Más Éxitos Con
  •  15 Éxitos 15
  •  Con Los Amables Del Norte
2001 Canta Corridos Al Estilo Culiacan
  • Colección De Oro, Vol.1
  • Corridos De Los Felix Y Los Quintero
  • Mis Mejores Canciones
2003 Cantando Con Sus Amigos
2005 Corridas Con Banda
2006 Historia Musical
  • 20 Éxitos Inmortales
  • Duranguense Con Banda Brava

Wife Marisela Vallejos Felix

Marisela Vallejos Felix was born in 1970. Her birth place is Mexicali, Mexico. She will turn 51 in 2021. She married He in 1984. They have a daughter named Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo. And had a son named Adán Sánchez. Adán’s Death The tire of his car burst due to which he lost control and the vehicle fell into a ditch. He suffered serious head injuries and was found dead at the scene.

Wife Marisela Vallejos Net Worth

There has never been any news in the media about Marisela Vallejos Felix’s net worth and neither does any disclosure about Marisela. But we can estimate that the net worth can be around $ 1.4 million.

:: Welcome to Update Some Chalino Sánchez BioGraphy FAQs ::

Que 1 : What is Real Name Chalino ?
Ans : Rosalino “Chalino” Sánchez Félix

Que 2 : When Date death of Chalino ?
Ans : 16 May 1992

Que 3 : What is birth date of Chalino ?
Ans : 30 August 1960

Que 4 : What is the Chalino Wife Name ?
Ans : Marisela Vallejos Felix

Que 5 : How Many Chalino Net Income ?
Ans : $1.4 Million

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