Dynamo Gaming BioGraphy

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Aditya Sawant, who plays PUBG with about 48 lakh followers, is a veteran star of YouTube. Earlier this month, a request came from one of his fans. He paid Rs 6000 to become Sawant’s team member and play PUBG game for two hours. After this, he got a chance to play PUBG through a feature of YouTube, Super Chat. To play PUBG in this feature, your comment remains at the top or highlighted.

Dynamo Gaming BioGraphy

Dynamo  is one of the most popular players playing PUBG in India. His real name is Aditya Deepak Sawant. They keep getting flooded with such requests. They keep politely denying them.This system of joining my team by paying just to play is not right.” Sawant has been playing PUBG since the year 2015, but he has got success now. There are many such fans of Aditya from Mumbai, who left his business management studies in the middle. YouTube has fixed the maximum amount limit for Super Chat at Rs 10,000 and Aditya has also taken the same amount. Aditya could play PUBG for three hours with this amount. In the blockbuster game of PUBG, Aditya is the only player in his game who survives till the last. In this time, Aditya can earn up to Rs 18,000-20,000. This is really the perfect game of live streaming and PUBG. Popularly known as Players Unknown’s Battle Ground, PUBG is like an addiction among the youth of this country.


Today we all have our favorite Dynamo Gaming “patt se headshot” brother. So in this post we are going to tell you about his YouTube journey. So Guys Bhotus is Tough YouTube Journey. The secret behind whatever successful YouTube is, hardly anyone knows that that person is struggling. How hard have you worked? So collect the information from our side, which we will tell you today. He uploaded the kill monta of battle feild  6 years ago today i.e. in 2015. At that time there was no PUBG mobile and neither was PUBG pc. So at that time he used to play Battle Feild 3, Unusual Antipode Sourier DOTA 2, Bf 3 Montage. Years later PUBG pc came which he played a lot, they have also streamed PUBG for about 3-4 hours. He has streamed many more PUBG PC than what he is streaming on PUBG mobile. And he was quite a pro player in PUBG PC. And he stayed Thai for a long time until Pubz Mobile came. In the initial period, he did not even have that many weavers. At that time his subscribers used to be around 400. He had become a hard core player in PUBG PC.

He has been gaming ever since there was no such craze for gaming in India. And this is the reason that people did not know him. And when PUBG mobile came, then he started streaming and while streaming PUBG mobile, he had crossed 10 thousand subscribers in about 10 days. On this side he started flooding the subscribers. When he reached 20 thousand, many gaming youtubers started playing with him.

With 20 thousand subscribers, his subscriber has increased so much that hardly any creator’s subscriber in India would have increased like this. Meaning we can say him is India’s best PUBGYouTube.

Who is he?

Although the owner of Dynamo gaming does not need any introduction, but still many people search about him and want to know what is their real name, what do they do in real life? And how much do you earn? His real name is “Aditya Deepak Sawant”.He is a resident of Mumbai Maharashtra.

Real Name Aditya Deepak Sawant
Know for Dynamo gaming
Age 25 Year Year Old
Date Of Birth 18th April 1996
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Gender Male
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra
  •  Gamer
  • Streamer & Content creator for Entity Gaming
Zodiac Sign Don’t Know
Business Mail [email protected]
YouTube Channel Name
  • Dynamo Gaming
  • Dyno Vlogs
Father Name Deepak Sawant
Mother Name Vaishali Sawant
Grand Mother Name Manjusha Khandalkar
Sister Name Aradhya Sawant
Girl Friend name Kanika
School Don’t Know
University Don’t Know
Qualification Don’t Know
 Physical Status
Dynamo Gaming BioGraphy Cover Pic
Height In Feet: 5. 8inch
In Meters: 1.72m
In Centimetres: 172cm
Body Slim
Weight 60 Kg approx.
132 lbs approx.
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size 8 Approx
Chest size Approx  38
Biceps Size Approx 15 inches
Waist Size Approx 30 inches
Dress Size 6 Approx
Sexual Orientation Straight
 Relationship Status
Are you married ? No
Is he Gay No
Any Affair Yes
Girlfriend Name Kanika
Best friend name N/A
 Social Network
Facebook Link
Twitter Link
Instagram Link
YouTube channel Link
Tik Tok Link


His’s father’s name is Deepak Sawant and his mother’s name is Vaishali Sawant. He has a sister named Aradhya Sawant. his’s father is a teacher and his mother is a housewife.

Affair/ Girl Friend

He is in relationship. He is dating a girl named Kanika. Kanika is also a PUBG Mobile streamer. And she is also a member of Hydra clan.

PUBG Stats

  • Gaming Name :  Hydra Dynamo
  • Profession : E-Sports Player, Gamer, Streamer
  • PUBG ID:  591948701
  • BGMI ID : 500M (as in 2021)
  • Playing From:  Season 1 or 2
  • Servers:  Asia
  • Favorite Gun :  Sniper AWM with 8X scope
  • Players : ScoutOP,CarryMinati , SoulMortal ,Jonathan &  Kronten
  •  Clan Name  : Hydra
  • Country:  INDIA
  • Tier :Conqueror
  • Win Ratio :  30+
  • ID Likes: 10K

Net Worth

Although Aditya Sawant has never disclosed his gaming income, but according to the Internet, his total income is about 16 crores. A large part of Aditya’s earnings comes from the donations of YouTube ads and live streams on YouTube. Apart from this, there are many other brands which are sponsoring them, mainly these brands are AMD, ASUS, and One Plus. Apart from all this, he also has an Audi car which costs around 70 lakhs. He has also donated 1 lakh rupees to the brave NGO of India after the attack in Pulwama.

Youtube Channel

  • Channel Name :  Dynamo Gaming & Dyno Vlogs
  • Genre :  Gaming, Tips & Tricks, Vlogging
  • Subscribers : 9.87M subscribers
  • Total Views 600M (as in 2021)
  • Studio :  Home studio for creating their Youtube contents
  • Country Rank :  61th (Most Subscribed) & top 5 (Individual Gaming)
  • Global Rank :  514th
  • Associate With : Hydra Alpha , Soul Mortal , Kronten ,CarryMinati
  • Managed By  : Aman Garg

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Ques :  What is his real name?
Ans : Aaditya Sawant

Ques :  What is the salary of him?
Ans : Around 16 crores.

Ques :  Is Kanika GF of him?
Ans : Yes

Ques :  What is the birthday of him?
Ans : April 18, 1996

Ques :  Where does he stay?
Ans : Mumbai, India

Ques :   Who is his mother?
Ans : Vaishali Sawant

Ques :   Who is her sister?
Ans : Aradhya Sawant

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