Jimmy Savile BioGraphy

Jimmy Savile, who passed away 29 October 2011, is one of the most popular English-speaking presenters in television history. What is Savile famous for? It is believed that he was one of the first people who began to reproduce popular music on radio and television in the usual way today – with an announcement of the artist, a short summary of the work and entertaining pauses between numbers. Jimmy was also one of the originators of the music TV show “Top of the Pop”, which became the main broadcasting platform of British pop music for decades. Another of his very popular, albeit only in England, program was the show “Jim’ll Fix It” (“Jim will fix it”). In it, the presenter fulfilled the wishes of the participants, who were mainly children. Charitable work also brought great respect and popularity to Savile.

Jimmy Savile BioGraphy

He was born on 31 October 1926. His birthplace is Burley, Leeds, England. His father’s name is Vincent Joseph Marie Savile. And his mother’s name is Agnes Monica Savile. He has four sisters and two brothers. The names of his sisters are Christina Savile, Mary Savile, Joan Savile and Marjory Savile. His brother’s name is Johnny Savile and Vincent Savile.

During His Life Time

In total, during his career, he managed to raise many tens of millions of dollars, primarily for medical institutions. For his merits, Savile received the Order of the British Empire twice. And in 1990 he became a knight twice: one title was “awarded” to him by Queen Elizabeth II, and the second – by Pope John Paul II, when he promoted him to the Commander of the Vatican Order of St. Gregory the Great. However, now both titles may be revoked in connection with the scandalous revelations that appeared a year after the death of the presenter. It turns out that the showman, who worked for the BBC television, led a double life for decades.

Personal Life

Savile passed away on October 29, 2011 at the age of 84, and only now the facts of his terrible crimes have surfaced. Savile was rather reserved and avoided talking about his personal life. He was never married, lived with his mother for a long time, and after her death he kept her bedroom and dressing room in its former form. He hates children. Savile did not start the computer, jokingly explaining that he did not want anyone to suspect him of downloading child pornography.

Jimmy Seduced even in the TV Studio

Thunder struck on September 30, 2012, when several British newspapers published testimonies of women at once, who stated that at one time the TV presenter, then at the zenith of his fame and in his prime, sexually harassed them and even raped them. On October 3, ITV aired the investigative documentary “The Other Side of Jimmy Savile”, in which it was stated that the presenter’s victims were young girls and once a boy. Law enforcement agencies have become interested in the accusations of pedophilia. Inquiries have begun on approximately 120 episodes of harassment, which allegedly killed about 30 people.

Real Name James Wilson Vincent Savile
Other Name Jimmy
Died 29 October 2011
Date Of Birth 31 October 1926
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Birth Place Burley, Leeds, England
  • DJ
  • Television personality
  • Radio personality
  • Dance hall manager
Zodiac Sign
Resting place Woodlands Cemetery, Scarborough
Father Name Vincent Joseph Marie Savile
Mother Name Agnes Monica Savile
Sister Name
  • Christina Savile
  • Mary Savile
  • Joan Savile
  • Marjory Savile
Brother Name
  • Vincent Savile
  • Johnny Savile
Children  Name
Wife Name
School Name
College Name
Physical Status
Jimmy Savile BioGraphy Cover Pic
Height 1.74 m
Weight 78 kg; in Pounds- 171 lbs
Body Type Fit
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color White
Biceps Size Approx 48 inches
Waist size Approx 48 inches
Bust size Approx 30 inches
Body Color White
Relationship Status
Married Status No
Any Affair No
Ex- Wife Name
Wife Name

Net Worth

The television personality had a net worth of around £4 million before he died.

After Death

Every day new details emerge, and if the accusations are confirmed, it turns out that the TV celebrity has committed crimes for four decades throughout the UK. Most often, this happened in orphanages and children’s departments of hospitals, which were patronized by Savile as part of charitable campaigns. The BBC’s leadership is trying in every possible way to distance itself from the scandal, promising to conduct its own internal investigation after the police officer ends. Meanwhile, it turned out that Savile also seduced the young guests of his television programs, moreover, right in the make-up rooms of the television company.In this regard, the question arose – did the leadership of one of the world’s leading TV channels know about the “pranks” of the star? But the answer remains unclear. Jim’ll Fix It director David Nicholson told The Daily Mail that he caught Savile in the dressing room with a toddler, but when he reported it to management, he was told “anything can happen” and “that’s Jimmy.” At the same time, the top managers of the company unanimously declare that they had absolutely no idea about the criminal inclinations of the star.

If all suspicions about the TV presenter are confirmed or it turns out that the leadership of the main British media outlet, willingly or unwittingly, patronized the pedophile, then the corporation will face serious shocks. In the meantime, the residents of Great Britain are reconsidering their attitude towards the recently adored TV star: commemorative plaques in honor of Sir Jimmy are being removed, monuments dedicated to him are dismantled. In Leeds, the press center named after him was renamed, and the Savile family removed a monumental headstone from his grave to avoid possible acts of vandalism .

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