L-Gante BioGraphy

L-Gante BioGraphy :  In this blog, we are talking about L-Gante who is also a famous singer, songwriter or rapper. Do you know ? She has a lot of fans in her social media account. He has a big name in wrapping and singing. He got fame for his “L-Gante: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 38 Song”. So let’s talk about L-Gante Biography, Age Height, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Family and more.

L-Gante BioGraphy

The full name of L-Gante is Elian Angel Valenzuela . He came to this world on 5 April 2000. His birthplace is General Rodríguez, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. He turns 21 in 2021. He is an Argentine cumbia singer as well as a rapper and songwriter. He is known professionally as the Elian Ángel Valenzuela. They recently released L-Gente: Bjrap Music Sessions, Volume 38 which topped the Hot 100 chart on the Argentine Billboard.L-Gante is raised by his mother. His mother had separated from his father before Elian Ángel Valenzuela was even born. L-Gante is not related to his father. L-Gante was interested in music since childhood. He entered the world of music when he was 15 years old. He released his first song with his collaborator DT Billardo. Before L-Gante had no success in music, he used to work in a plastics factory.

L-Gante Education

Elian Ángel Valenzuela was raised in General Rodríguez, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, he did his schooling from there. However, till now we do not have any accurate information about their education qualification.

Elian Ángel Valenzuela Family

L-Gante has only his mother in his family. His father has no relation with him. Nor has he ever seen his father. He has not yet revealed the name of L-Gante’s mother. L-Gante does not have any siblings. His mother has never married again.

Elian Ángel Valenzuela Beginning

L-Gante uploaded the first song on its YouTube channel in 2017. But he did not get much success until the next year. He released his single “Uno más uno” on Spotify where he received over 2 million streams.  He released “L-Gante rkt” in December 2020, in collaboration with Papu DJ Joe, which debuted at 52 on the Argentine Billboard Hot 100 and reached number two in January 2021.The song “L-Gante rkt” is a mixture of Argentinian cumbia and reggaeton. The song’s lyrics detail secret parties in working-class barrios in the time of COVID-19 restrictions.

Elian Ángel Valenzuela Success

Producer Bizarrap revealed in March 2021 that the next featured L-Gante cast would be in his Song Sessions series.His session was scheduled to be released on March 9, but a few hours before its release, L-Gante was arrested on charges of causing public disturbance. Due to which his session was delayed by a few hours. The L-Gante was released a few hours later.  On March 8, the song “L-Gante: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 38″ was released on Bizarrap’s YouTube channel. His song garnered over 3 million views within 24 hours. His song peaked at No. 2 on YouTube. was trending.” L-Gante: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 38 collaborations topped the Billboard Hot 100. and remained at No. 1 for seven consecutive weeks. L-Gante and La Joaqui released the song “Lassie” on March 30. L-Gante released a remix of “Pistola” in April 2021. The song “Pistola” also featured cumbia band Damas Gratis with L-Gante. The following month, in May, Elian Ángel Valenzuela released two more singles, “Visionario” and “International Love 420”, with reggae singer Fidel Nadal. In May,Elian Ángel Valenzuela was named “Artist of the Month”.

L-Gante BioGraphy
Real Name Elian Angel Valenzuela
Nick Name L-Gante
Age 21 Years Old
Date Of Birth 5 April 2000
Nationality Argentinian
Religion Christianity
  • Argentine cumbia
  • Reggaeton
  • Latin trap
Birth Place General Rodríguez, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  • Singer
  • rapper
  • songwriter
Zodiac Sign Aries
 Year Active 2017–present 
 Labels MOJO
Associated acts
  • DT. Bilardo
  • Bizarrap
  • Damas Gratis
Elian Angel Valenzuela Family 
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Sister Name Not Known
Brother  Name Not Known
Elian Angel Valenzuela Education
School Name Not Known
College Name Not Known
Qualification Not Known
Elian Angel Valenzuela Physical Status
L-Gante BioGraphy Cover
Height 6 feet 9 inches Approx
Weight 70 Kgs
Body Type Medium
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Blonde & Black
Waist Size 40 Inch
Chest Size 42 Inch
Biceps Size 18 Inch
Body Colour White
Elian Angel Valenzuela Relationship Status
Married Status In a Relationship
Any Affair Not known
Wife Name Not known
Girl Friend Name Tamara

Elian Angel Valenzuela Style

  • Elian Angel Valenzuela is primarily a cumbia artist.
  • Their exclusive style and brand is “Cumbia 420”.
  • His music is a mixture of cumbia and reggaeton.
  • He plays a major role in the lyrics and themes of marijuana music.

Elian Angel Valenzuela Personal life

Talking about the personal life of Elian Angel Valenzuela, she is not married. He is only 21 now. L-Gante has a long time girlfriend named Tamara. Tamara has just recently given birth to L-Gante’s daughter. Whose name he is going to keep Jamaica. Elian Angel Valenzuela is also very fond of tattoo. But there are many other tattoo.

Elian Angel Valenzuela Social Media

Elian Angel Valenzuela is also very active on social media. He has an account on Instagram and YouTube where u keep sharing his song videos and his photos with his fans. He is on YouTube under the name of (L-GANTE). He has 2.19 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is on Instagram in the name of (L-GANTE KELOKE).  3.1 million followers on Instagram Account lots off fans.

L-Gante BioGraphy Pic

Elian Angel Valenzuela Net Worth

According to the sources, the net worth of Elian Angel Valenzuela can be around $10.1K to $16.3K.

Elian Angel Valenzuela FAQ


Que :  What is the Ethnicity of Elian Angel Valenzuela?
Ans :The Ethnicity of Elian Angel Valenzuela is Argentinian.

Que :  Which country does Elian Angel Valenzuela have Citizenship?
Ans :Elian Angel Valenzuela has Citizenship of the country of Argentina.

Que :  How much is Elian Angel Valenzuela’s total music videos?
Ans :Elian Angel Valenzuela’s Total Music Videos is around 32.

Que :  What are the popular songs of Elian Angel Valenzuela?
Ans :Our list includes the popular songs Malianteo 420, Tinty Nasty, Titubeo and Perrito Malvado by Elian Angel Valenzuela.

Que :  Who is the wife of Elian Angel Valenzuela?
Ans :Elian Angel Valenzuela is not married yet.

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