Linda Evangelista BioGraphy

One of the five most famous top models in the world, a Canadian of Italian descent, who received the nickname “Chameleon” for her amazing organicity and attractiveness in any look with any hair color and length. Linda was born on May 10, 1965 in a provincial Canadian town, which had only one attraction – it was next to Niagara Falls. For 14 years, she  held the title of podium queen. It seemed that no one and nothing could force her to let go of the palm. And suddenly she left the modeling business.

Linda Evangelista BioGraphy

Linda was a late and welcome child, always pampered and dressed like a doll. Mother limited herself in everything, wearing out her shoes, gluing them with tape – just to buy her daughter one more beautiful little thing. Linda was not particularly beautiful at that time – a bighead with cheeks that did not fit in any photograph, and legs of size 42. And yet, at the family council, it was decided that the work of Linde’s model would generally fit.  You will change and bypass everyone.  Linda’s face will also be compared to a blank canvas on which the artist can paint whatever he wants.


The most striking thing about New York was these shoes. Silver, shiny, with a big beautiful buckle … They cost $ 200. Linda and her mother stood by the window of that store for several hours every day, admiring the sparkling perfection of these shoes. “Someday you will be able to buy yourself such …” – Mom breathed out without taking her eyes off the window (they were embarrassed to go inside). Linda nodded silently. The world of big fashion was still in no rush to accept Linda. Now she was called a fat shmakodyavka (with a height of 176, her waist was 64 centimeters – for a fashion model, this is deadly). One joy – luxurious, to the priests, braid. Thanks to this braid, Linda was almost chosen for filming in an advertisement for hair conditioner, all that remained was to “bypass” the last competitor. “Plucked otter! – Linda whispered sarcastically to her rival and, in serene anticipation of the client’s decision, dozed off, comfortably curled up in a ball on a hard studio sofa. I woke up happy, feeling some kind of extraordinary lightness – her stunning braid, just like in the script for the video, slipped from her shoulder onto her back and softly fell straight … at Linda’s feet. She was cut off!Linda sobbed so bitterly in that studio that hairdresser Peter Lindbergh took pity on her, who was supposed to style her hair on the set. He gave her a short, extremely fashionable haircut, and at the same time dyed her hair. And suddenly offers fell on the bobbed, dyed and terribly unhappy Linda. Suddenly it turned out that she had an extraordinary and very fashionable face, and a “cat-like” cut of the eyes, and even the figure is exactly what modern fashion designers need .

Real Name Linda Evangelista
Other Name Linda
Age 65 Years Old
Date Of Birth May 10, 1965
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
Gender Female
Birth Place St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Profession Supermodel
Zodiac Sign
Year Active 1983–1998 (retired)
  • Fashion
  • Make-up
  • Vlog
Father Name Tomaso Evangelista
Mother Name Marisa Evangelista
Sister Name Christine Evangelista (cousin)
Brother  Name
Children Name Augustin James Evangelista
Spouse Name Gerald Marie (m. 1987; div. 1993)
School Name Denis Morris Catholic High School
College Name
 Physical Status
Linda Evangelista BioGraphy Cover Pic
Height 1.77 m (5 ft 9+12 in)
Weight 50 to 55 kg approx
Body Type Slim
Eye Colour Blue-green
Hair Colour Brown
Bra Size Approx 34 inches
Waist size Approx 28 inches
Bust size Approx 34 inches
Body Colour White
Relationship Status
Married Status Divorce
Any Affair Yes
Partner Kyle MacLachlan (1992–1998)
Husband Name Yet Not Married

Net Worth

  • Her net worth approx  $40 Million. 

Personal Life

After 5 years, having reached the peak of her popularity, Linda left Gerald, who was desperately in love with her. Nevertheless, on the set of George Michael’s video, she seemed to have a serious affair with the singer . The wedding day was already appointed, and Linda laid out a huge amount for a wedding dress . But on the eve of the solemn event, the groom publicly admitted his unconventional sex orientation … to work, organized a trade union of models, received $ 30 million a year and vowed never to give in to feelings again in her life. And suddenly .He is a bald football player with a thin beard. Fabienne Barthez, the “guardian angel” of the French football goal, is the object of dreams of millions of fans . So Linda, having met Fabienne, fell in love with him at first sight. She dumped her husband and gave up on a series of lucrative contracts, put on incredible weight and stopped spending several hours a day doing makeup. The one for which the most famous fashion designers of the world sewed the most exquisite outfits with millimeter precision, now does not crawl out of an old stretched T-shirt and at the same time feels like the most beloved and desired in the world! Linda and Fabien got married in August. Since then, the Evangelista hardly leaves the house. At Fabien’s request, she even gave up her home phone – no one should interfere with them.

Social Media

She is on Instagram with the user id of (lindaevangelista) . If you want to follow her then click on this link.

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