Mac Miller BioGraphy

Mac Miller BioGraphy : Mac Miller’s full name is Malcolm James McCormick. He came to the world on January 19, 1992.  He was an American rapper as well as a record producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is known professionally as Mac Miller. The September 7, 2018 has brought too much sadness for fans of young American rappers. The hashtag #riplilpeep changed to #ripx (in memory of the shooting of XXXTentacion), and in September 2018, the #ripmac signature began to circulate, because performer and composer Mac Miller was found dead in his house. By the age of 26, he managed to release 5 studio albums and more than a dozen mixtapes, as well as work with superstars of the genre, for example, Kendrick Lamar.

Mac Miller BioGraphy

He is the stage name for Malcolm James McCormick, who was born in 1992 to an Irish-Jewish family. He spent his childhood in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). The boy grew up listening to music, and by the age of 15, he released his first mixtape entitled But My Making Ain’t Easy. Malcolm was not only engaged in reading, he played the guitar, piano and drum kit. He began to take piano lessons at the age of 6, later other instruments also joined. At the same time, the main instrument that Mack most wanted to improve was his voice.

Career Beginnings

Time began to accelerate, and in 2010 Mac Miller’s fourth mixtape was released, which he called “K.I.D.S.” The release received a hilarious cover and was filled with banal songs about skipping lessons, Nike sneakers and frozen pizza. The mixtape, by all the rules, should have been erased from the audience’s memory in a week, but this did not happen.Many suddenly found themselves hooked on tracks with simple beats and even simpler lyrics. They began to look for the reason and found it in the charm of the performer.

It emanated from Mac Miller in such quantities that listeners fell in love with his music. The fact that the majority of the audience was of the same age as the rapper also won over – Malcolm was then 18 years old.In November 2010, Miller released his first video, which he shot for the single “Knock Knock”. To date, the video has garnered about 30 million views on Youtube. In 2011, Mack released his debut album, Blue Side Park, which becomes the first independent hip-hop musician’s LP since 1995 to hit the top of the Billboard charts.In the same 2011, Miller shoots the video “Donald Trump”, to which the future 45th President of the United States himself reacted. Mac Miller did not stand still as a performer, as an adult he began to listen to even more music, as well as experiment with vocals and genres. In late 2012, under the pseudonym Larry Lovestain, he released the all-jazz mixtape You, and in early 2013, his second studio album.


2013-2014 is a fall into the abyss of depression and drugs. Miller used drugs in large quantities, regularly closed at home, ceased to communicate with his family and pumped up purple drunk (codeine cocktails). As a result, Mack crippled himself both physically and mentally. It was then that he wrote the tracks for “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”. The lyrics from this album are filled with introspection, appeals to God and reflections on the meaning of life.The slow loss of connection with the real world was obvious to everyone, but the rapper was then able to defeat the addiction and return to normal life.

Mac Miller BioGraphy
Real Name Malcolm James McCormick
Other Name
  • Delusional Thomas
  • Easy Mac
  • Larry Fisherman
  • Larry Lovestein
  • The Velvet Revival
Died September 7, 2018
Date Of Birth January 19, 1992
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Birth Place Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.
  • Rapper
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Record producer
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • Hip hop
  • R&B
  • Vocals
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Piano
McCormick Family 
Father Name Mark McCormick
Mother Name Karen Meyers
Sister Name
Brother Name Miller McCormick
McCormick Education
School Name
  • Taylor Allderdice High School
  • Winchester Thurston School
College Name
Physical Status
Height 1.70 m approx
Weight 73 KG approx
Body Type Fit
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Biceps Size Approx 40 inches
Waist size Approx 44 inches
Bust size Approx 30 inches
Body Color White
Relationship Status
Married Status No
Any Affair Yet Not
Ex- Girl Friend Name Nomi Leisure
Girl Friend Name till Death Ariana Grande


In 2015, Miller released his third album, GO: OD AM. It was a long-awaited release with 17 tracks. In August 2016, Mac begins an affair with actress and singer Ariana Grande, with whom he had a joint track and video back in 2013. This relationship lasts until May 2018 and ends at the initiative of the girl. In the summer of 2018, the video “Self Care” appears on Mac’s Youtube channel, most of which he lies in a closed coffin. On August 3, 2018, Mac Miller released his fifth album, Swimming. The disc turned out to be solid, powerful and filled with sadness, fully conveying the state of the performer who survived a difficult break with Grande. The listeners empathized with Miller, but from the tracks it was possible to understand that he coped with the problems and was ready to continue to receive joy from life.

Net Worth

  • His Net Worth Approx $10.1 million.


On September 7, 2018, Mac Miller was found dead in his own home in the San Fernando Valley, California. The report noted “visible signs of drug overdose,” but police found no evidence in the home that high doses of illegal drugs were being used. Law enforcement officers assume that before his death there were other people in the house who called 911 and transmitted a message about Mack’s poor condition. They quickly left the building, having previously cleared it.

Personal Life

He was in a relationship with Nomi Leisure. Nomi Leisure is a writer. Mac Miller met Nomi Leisure in middle school. They dated each other for seven years.  Ariana Grande is a singer. Next Singer : Cardi B BioGraphy

Frequently Ask Question

Que : Was he engaged to Ariana Grande?
Ans : Yes

Que : When did Ariana and Miller date?
Ans : August 2016

Que : How long were  he and Ariana together?
Ans : Two years.

Que : How many missed calls did he have from Ariana?
Ans :928 missed calls

Que : When he died?
Ans :7 September 2018

Que : Where he died?
Ans :Studio City, California, United States

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