Michael Dell Biography

He was came into this world on February 23, 1965 in Houston, Texas. Both parents earned good money – father Alexander was an orthodontist, and mother Lorraine was the head of the department of regulation of money transactions. From an early age, Michael heard parenting discussions at the dinner table about the state of the economy, inflation, interest rates, and what opportunities an event created to buy stocks.

Michael Dell Biography

At the age of 12, Michael first appreciated the benefits of doing business without intermediaries. He was fond of collecting postage stamps, reading books and magazines on philately. Michael noticed that brand prices were getting higher and higher. Remembering what had been said at home about looking for suitable opportunities, Dell decided to get serious about the situation. There was high activity among philatelists at that time and Michael came to the conclusion that the prices for stamps would continue to rise. Usually Michael bought stamps at an auction, the organizers of which took a good commission for their services. And he thought – why pay auctioneers when you could organize your own auction. And the young entrepreneur started to implement the first business project in his life. To begin with, Dell made an agreement with the philatelists he knew that they would give him a part of the stamps from their collections for commission. Then he printed a 12-page catalog, and advertised the sale of the Brand della in a local trade magazine. Michael earned 2 thousand dollars from this.


At the same time, a funny family episode happened when Alexander Dell and his sons went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The two elders were fishing, and little Michael was sitting on the shore, patiently weaving an intricate tackle from the line, capable of carrying dozens of hooks at once. Wise adults laughed – they say, nothing will come of it. The stubborn one believed that he knew better. He finished tinkering with his invention only for dinner. However, when it came time to return home, it turned out that Michael caught more fish than all the others combined. Since then, in all life circumstances, Dell has followed the rule: “If you think that some idea is good, by all means try it in practice.”


In high school, Michael also did not sit idly by. He decided to earn extra money by selling a subscription to the city newspaper The Houston Post. By that time, the young man, apparently, had already quite clearly formulated his life credo . Michael’s first step was to segment the potential subscriber market and identify a favorable niche for himself – “people who recently arrived in Houston, and newlyweds.” Then the young Dell found a way to get fresh information about immigrants and newlyweds from official sources and used this seemingly classified information to open a very profitable enterprise.


For his own money, he hired friends to get the names and addresses of candidates for the Houston Post for him. Dell then sent everyone a personal email, not a sample email, offering a two-week free subscription to start. This time Dell has already earned 18 thousand dollars and bought a luxurious BMW, the seller literally lost his speech when the 17-year-old boy pulled the entire amount of cash out of his pocket. Michael studied in an advanced math class and had a passion for computing. Dell regularly read specialized computer publications and saved money to buy the most popular personal computer at the time, the Apple II. However, when his parents gave him such a car for his birthday, he immediately disassembled it completely. Father’s anger knew no bounds. In those days, Apple was very expensive, and he decided that his son had broken the computer and could no longer assemble it. Michael, on the other hand, was eager to figure out how the machine worked.In 1981, IBM entered the market with its first personal computer, which was more powerful than the Apple model and also had application software. And although Dell did not have enough experience and knowledge in business yet, he nevertheless felt that the business world would give preference to this particular computer.

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Real Name Michael Saul Dell
Nick Name Michael Dell
Age 56 Years Old
Date Of Birth 23 Feb 1965
Nationality US
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Birth Place Texas
Profession Businessman
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Debut Not known
Marriage Year 1989
Hobbies Not known
Father Name Alexander Dell
Mother Name Lorraine Charlotte
Sister Name Not known
Brother  Name Adam R.Dell
School Name Herod Elementary School
College Name The University of Texas
Qualification Not known
 Physical Status
Michael Dell Biography Cover Pic
Height 5′.5″
Weight 82 Kgs
Body Type Medium
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Waist Size Not Known
Chest Size Not known
Biceps Size Not Known
Body Colour White
 Relationship Status
Married Status Married
Any Affair Not Known
Girl Friend Not known
Wife Name Susan Lynn Lieberman
Number of Children 3
Name of Children Alexa, Kira, Juliette, and Zachary Dell
  Social Network
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Personal Life

Dell took a step towards the family in 1989, marrying Susan, who helped him get rid of excessive modesty. Michael Dell received four children as a gift from his wife. The billionaire’s wife was also involved in the decision to found the charity, which began operations in 1999.

Net Worth

His net worth around 5,600 crores USD .

Social Media

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