Mick Jagger BioGraphy

Mick Jagger BioGraphy:  Mick Jagger is a man of the era, the permanent frontman of the legendary rock band The Rolling Stones, songwriter, film actor and producer. The creator of his own musical style, called revolutionary in the 60s. In 2003 he was knighted. Winner of many music and film awards, including Grammy and Golden Globe. Father of eight children, grandfather of five grandchildren and great-granddaughters. He underwent heart surgery, but in the spring of 2020, after a long break, he recorded a new song “Life in a Ghost Town” with the group.

Mick Jagger BioGraphy

Michael Philip Jagger was born in the summer of 1943 to physical education teacher Basil Fanshaw (Joe) and conservative activist Eva Ansley Jagger in Dartford, Kent. Four years later, he had a younger brother, Chris. One of the earliest memories of little Mike: his mother removes the blackout curtains from the windows, because the Second World War has ended and there is no longer any need to be afraid of air attacks. At the Maypole Children of Dartford Primary School, Mike Jagger was considered one of the best students, learning was easy for him. In addition, it turned out that daddy’s sports genes are strong in him: he soon became a local celebrity in futsal and cricket competitions, as well as running in sacks.

Mick Jagger Childhood

Mick Jagger BioGraphy ,Subsequently, Ken Lewellin, one of the teachers, recalled that Jagger was the smartest and most energetic boy in the class. Mike knew how to parody teachers, which always delighted his classmates. When he was eight years old, his parents transferred their son to another school in Wentworth. There he became friends with a funny lop-eared boy Keith Richards. Keith once said that when he grows up, he will definitely play the guitar and become the same as Roy Rogers, a country singer who considered himself “the king of cowboys.” Rogers was of little interest to Mike, but it was difficult for him to imagine Richards with a guitar.

Mick Jagger Journey

Mick Jagger BioGraphy ,He himself, like his younger brother, sang in the church choir, there were no musical instruments in the house, but the music sounded constantly from a bulky radio. Jagger loved to sing along and portray American performers of the time. He remembered Keith’s words about the guitar, they were the first impetus to thoughts about how to become famous. Soon the paths of friends parted for several years. In 1954, the Jaggers moved to the Newleans Mansion, in the Wilmington village near Dartford. The father began to arrange sports training for his sons: they climbed ropes hung in the trees in a large garden, played cricket and dragged barbells. The parents bought a small television on which the children watched TV series and puppet shows. The family spent their summer holidays away from England, on the Spanish or French coast. Nevertheless, Joe, and especially Eve, have always been strict with children, especially with the eldest son. Each had his own responsibilities around the house and performed them carefully.

In the same 1954, eleven-year-old Mike, as the best elementary school student, was assigned to an academic high school on West Hill in Dartford. She was compared to Harrow and Eaton, where many parents assigned their children for money. Jagger got into it only thanks to his own mind and abilities. The educational institution had its own coat of arms and motto “Prayer and Work”, mentors in black robes strictly monitored the implementation of all traditions by students. Mike quickly became uninterested in cramming chemical and physical formulas and, although he loved history, English and French, he quickly turned from the best student to the middle one. The same applied to sports activities, since Jagger did not at all like the high-profile rugby, where, when grabbing, you could find yourself in a puddle with your nose. It was not at all the kind of sport for which the boy would like to try. He soon took up basketball and breathed a sigh of relief. Here, the guy was seriously carried away by rhythm and blues: he bought records, caught his favorite songs on the radio and tried to copy his idols. While vacationing in Spain once again, his parents bought him an acoustic guitar, but he never learned to play it.

Mick Jagger  BioGraphy
Real Name James Ryan Hayes
Nick Name Mick Jagger
Age 78 Year Old
Date Of Birth 26 July 1943 
British & English
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Net Worth Around 360 Million $
Birth Place Dartford, Kent, England
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • actor
  • film producer
Zodiac sign
Net worth Approx $360 million
 Year Active 1960–present
Mick Jagger Family 
Father Basil Fanshawe Jagger
Mother Eva Ensley Mary Scutts
Brother name Christopher Jagger
Sister Name  –
Mick Jagger Education
  • Maypole County Primary School
  • Wentworth County Junior School
  • Dartford Grammar School
College London School of Economics
Qualification Graduate
Mick Jagger Physical Status
Mick Jagger BioGraphy Cover
Height 1.78 m
Body type Fit
Weight 73 kilograms
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Shoe Size 12 US
Chest size 40 Inch
Waist size 42 Inch
Biceps Size 18 Inch
Mick Jagger Relationship Status
Is he  married ? Yes
Is he Gay No
Any Affair Yes
Wife Name Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias (m. 1971; div. 1978)
Partner Name
  • Jerry Hall (1977–1999)
  • L’Wren Scott (2001–2014)
  • Melanie Hamrick (2014–present)
Mick Jagger Social Network
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Mick Jagger Personal life

Jagger’s numerous novels with fans and stage colleagues are still under scrutiny by the media. His love affairs can be published as a separate book, and the musician himself did not hesitate to say that at least four thousand fans in love with him have visited his bed in his entire life. He himself dwelt on women for a short while. When Miku turned 19, he had his first permanent girlfriend – Chrissy Shrimpton. But he broke up with her pretty quickly, because Chris turned out to be a very boring person who was trying to create a family nest. The relationship with the aristocrat Marianne Faithfull, which lasted since 1966, turned out to be more serious. Even when Mick lived with actress and singer Marsha Hunt, he continued to meet with Marianne, feeling responsible for her: it was he who addicted her to drugs. But the woman did not cope and for many years sat on hard drugs, getting rid of addiction only after forty. Marsha gave birth to Mika’s daughter Caris, and their relationship ended there. In 1971, Jagger married Bianca Perez, a lawyer and human rights activist. He lived with her for quite a long time, although he did not differ in loyalty. The family had a daughter, Jade Sheena, who later made Jagger a grandfather three times. The American model Jerry Hall lasted longer than the rest of the lovers next to Mick – the couple lived together for 22 years. During this time, the woman gave birth to four children to the musician: two daughters and two sons. Hall endured her husband’s betrayal, pretended not to notice next to him neither model Carla Bruni, nor Princess Margaret, nor fleeting admirers.

But the last straw for the woman was the news that Brazilian Luciana Jimenez Morad had a son from Jagger. Jerry filed for divorce, but  it turned out that all the years she lived with Mick in an unofficial marriage, since he annulled it behind her back. The reason was that they married according to the rite of the Hindus on the island of Bali, and in the States such a marriage has no legal force. The musician left his ex-wife and children a huge mansion in London, but he sighed with relief that she would not pretend for more. And calmly went to a meeting with the stylist and model L’Ren Scott. With this girl 24 years younger than him, Jagger lived in a de facto marriage for almost thirteen years, until he met the young ballerina Melanie Hemrick. The girl gave birth to his eighth child – Devereux Octavian Basil. In 2017, the paparazzi spotted Mika in the company of 22-year-old Nur Alfallah. The musician himself was 74 years old at the time, and Noor, a film producer, accompanied Jagger on a European tour.

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