Mutahar Anas BioGraphy

Mutahar Anas BioGraphy : He is a well-known YouTuber who has stimulated hundreds of thousands of gaming fanatics to have a laugh and experience themselves even as looking his on line content material. The teenager communicates actually nicely together along with his fanatics via his films, which he frequently uploads to his channel. Mutahar has been fortunate on YouTube with a self-created gaming channel referred to as SomeOrdinaryGamers. The platform consists of a whole lot of content material together with commentary, Creepypast, Let’s Plays, horror recreation reviews, and films approximately Deep Web. Notably, Anas earned him reputation on line and in actual life, in addition to collaborative concert events with different on line sensations.

Mutahar Anas BioGraphy

His’s reputation on YouTube gave him the opportunity to establish himself as a playful character worthy of emulation. He was born in Canada on May 1, 1994. Most Internet celebrities value family more in their careers, and Anas is such a person. He is very concerned about the interests of his family, and it is difficult to reveal the history of his family and every step they take. Obviously, he is not the type that sells exclusive photos and information about his family to the media, and most superstars do not. Lie for small money. Therefore, the names of his parents and sisters did not appear in the photo. In terms of their education, it is also difficult to obtain information about their academic qualifications. He is a sensational Youtuber, his popularity has greatly increased due to his passion for games. He is the owner of the popular YouTube channel SomeOrdinaryGamers, which has approximately 1.2 million subscribers and millions of views. Anas created his YouTube channel in 2012. The first content to be broadcast on this channel is Nintendo 64’s classic version of Lagu (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). Since then, it has become a popular website for gamers. Thank you Creative ideas and commitments. In addition to YouTube, he also has a sensational name on the Twitch network, where he gained popularity as a live player. Currently, more than 40,000 people have watched it on the platform, and they most appreciate its incredible personality, creative content and game style.

 Personal Life

Mutahar seems to be seizing every opportunity in one life. YouTuber has no public relations because it has not introduced any girls as their own. However, most of his fans think he could meet someone in secret, even though for a long time he kept information about the radar of his dating time under the radar. Anas was not married due to records. He is not currently married. It may be that an online sensation born in Canada has not decided to settle down or that she is looking for the right woman to spend the rest of her life with. Most people like to talk about their favorite celebrity and Anas is no exception. Due to his secrecy about his dates, many questions about YouTube’s sexual attitude have appeared on several sites. Unfortunately, there was no reliable answer to this question, making it difficult to say whether Mutahar is sexually attracted to people of the same or opposite sex. This is mostly because he was not open about his relationship. Since we don’t really have any reliable information about his sexual attitude, we’ll consider the internet sensational until he says otherwise.

Mutahar Anas BioGraphy
Real Name Mutahar Anas
Know for SomeOrdinaryGamers
Age 27 Year Old
Date Of Birth 1 May 1994
Nationality Indian-Canadian
Religion  Muslim
Gender Male
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
  • YouTuber
  • Video editor
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Father Don’t Know
Mother Don’t Know
Brother Don’t Know
Sister Don’t Know
 Girl Friend Don’t Know
School Don’t Know
College Humber College
Qualification Graduate
Physical Status
Mutahar Anas BioGraphy Cover 1
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.83 m) Approx
Body type Athletic
Weight  67 Kg (134 lbs) Approx
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size 10 (US) Approx
Chest Size 44  Approx
Biceps Size 32 Approx
Waist Size 38 Approx
Relationship Status
Are you married ? No
Is he Gay No
Any Affair No
Ex -Girlfriend Alexua Marano
Wife Name
Social Network
Linkedin Not active
Facebook Link
Twitter Link
Instagram Link 
You Tube Link
Snapchat Not active

(Mutahar Anas BioGraphy )Trivia

  • Mutahar has received 40,000  subscribers in just a year of creating videos.
  • He started broadcasting Twitch in 2013.
  • He started pulling as a live stream player for Twitch and earned more than 80,000 followers.
  • On its channel, Mutahar continued to focus on gaming videos until 2015. August 2, When it began to dedicate Deep Web and Creepypasta to videos.
  • He is a passionate pet lover.
  • White is his favorite color.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Mutahar? He joined YouTube in 2007. February 4 Opened its current channel in 2012. March 15 Its net worth is over $ 60,000 (USD).


He is not married and has no wife. Mutahar kept his personal life very confidential and did not disclose any information about his personal life. Usually he loses questions about his girlfriend. There is also no information about her previous private life. Due to the opacity of his personal life, it is not clear whether he is single or in a romantic relationship, but he did not disclose any information about his personal life. Next Social Media Star :- Dalton Gomez BioGraphy


The names of Mutahar’s father and mother are unknown. He also has brothers and sisters. He is well educated by education.

Frequently Ask Question

Que : What nationality he have?
Ans : Canadian

Que : What does he  do for work?
Ans : He is video editor in the Film and Television industry

Que : What is SomeOrdinaryGamers job?
Ans : He is you tuber and video editor

Q : Is he an Indian?
Ans : He is an Indian-descent Canadian.

Que : Does Someordinarygamers have a discord?
Ans : this a very fast growing discord server for a multitude of reasons.

Que :  Where did he go to school?
A : Humber College

Que :  Does he live in Canada?
Ans : Yes

Que :  Who is  SomeOrdinaryGamers ?
Ans : He is a You tuber & editor.

Que :  How old is he?
Ans : 27 years (1 May 1994)

Que :  What does he do for work?
Ans : He is  a video editor in the Film and Television industry ?

Que :  Is he an Indian?
Ans :He is an Indian-descent Canadian social media star.

Que :  Does he live in Canada?
Ans : He live in Ontario, Canada.

Que :  Where did he go to college?
Ans : Humber College

Que :  What nationality is Someordinarygamers?
Ans : Canadian

Que :  Does Someordinarygamers have Instagram?
Ans : (@someordinarygamers)

Que :  What is his girlfriend’s name?
Ans : Alexua Marano

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