Neil Patel BioGraphy

Neil Patel BioGraphy : Hello friends Welcome to Neil Patel Biography, a renowned Entrepreneur, Analytics Expert and Investor. Today we are going to tell the biography of Neil Patel. Neil Patel was born on 24 April 1985 in the city of London, England. He was born to Indian parents. Neil used to think this from his childhood. How to enter the business and in my childhood I was looking for such a business idea which gives maximum profit. He belonged to an entrepreneurial family. Due to which he used to think more about improving his lifestyle. He started selling something similar to his cousin in the beginning but realized it was only capable of making a few dollars from the business. He also sold black boxes during his school days at Kennedy High School. So let’s read SEO Expert Neil Patel Biography.

Neil Patel BioGraphy

Seo Expert Neil Patel was born on 24 April 1985 in the city of London, England. He did his schooling from John F Kennedy High School in California City. Later, Nil Patel completed his college practice from Yale University of California. Has acquired Neil Patel degree graduate. Present time Neil Patel age is 36 years in the year of 2021.

From the age of 18, Neil Patel started learning a variety of skills from Cyprus Community College. Along with that, he also learned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing from the same college. Neil dreamed of opening his own internet marketing company. Due to which he started an internet marketing company of friends. Due to which Nil has become an expert in digital marketing. Ubersuggest is their very useful SEO tool. neil patel has earned many rupees from ubersuggest. He has also set up an online marketing company. Which is named NP Digital.

Neil Patel Personal Life

SEO Guide Neil Patel belongs to an entrepreneurial family. His father runs a family business in California itself. And his mother is a teacher in a profit company. His uncle, maternal uncle were all involved in the family business. His uncle and maternal uncle run the family business. Neil Patel is married and has a child. Neil Patel wanted to do something new and good in his life.

Neil Patel Journey

Neil Patel is a popular online entrepreneur. And earning a lot of money through digital platform. New ideas and experiments are filled in their mind. He always enjoys doing creative and unique work. So he chose to do entrepreneurship. He always serves the poor people by donating his money. Neil Patel always struggles to be better. He started his first job at the age of 15. In that he took over the cleaning work at Knott’s Berry Farm.

But Neil Patel had a hope of making more money with the inspiration of Moster . Neil started his business by saving 5000 to pay for his new business website and advertisement through Black Box. At that time Neil started taking complete knowledge of internet marketing. After that, his website became famous all over the world but still Neil works more and more.

Neil Patel Career

On the advice of his sister, he started taking knowledge of general education from a famous Cypress community college. His knowledge has proved to be very beneficial. Because it was from him that he got customers paying $3,500 a month from Alpac Electronics. With the partnership of his sister, he started a consulting service in an internet marketing company. Due to his hard work and efforts, he got a client who had taken an advertising agency. But Neil had to suffer a loss of $ 1 million from Vision Web Hosting Company. Later Neil Patel continued to work with his business partner Hiten Shah as the co-founder of the website Crazy Eggs. He contributed a lot to the software development of crazy eggs.In 2005, Neil Patel emerged from the Wall Street Journal as a top influencer. He started a blog called ProNet Ads in 2006. Which later became famous all over the world with best social media blog. In the year 2007, Neil launched his blog under the name of Quick Sprouts Blog. KISSmetrics was started by Neil in 2008. crazy eggs was bought by Neil Patel in 2012 and was ranked among the top marketing experts by Forbes in 2014. His personal blog named Neilpatel  is ranked very high. And nowadays earning lakhs of rupees with traffic of about 7 million page views.

Neil Patel BioGraphy
Real Name Neil Patel
Other Name Neil, SEO Guy
Age 36 Year old
Date Of Birth 24 April 1985
Nationality British
Religion Hindu
Gender Male
Birth Place London, United Kingdom
Profession Digital Marketing Expert, Blogger, Angel Investor
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Founder of Kissmetrics, Neil Patel Digital, Crazy Egg
Neil Patel Family 
Father Name Don’t Know
Mother Name Don’t Know
Sister Name Don’t Know
Brother Name Don’t Know
Children  Name 1
Spouse Name Don’t Know
Neil Patel Education
School Name John F. Kennedy High School, California
College Name Yale University California
Qualification Graduated
Neil Patel Physical Status
Neil Patel BioGraphy Cover
Height in Feet  5  9 Inches
Weight 60 kg
Body Type Fit
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Biceps Size Approx 18 inches
Waist size Approx 34 inches
Bust size Approx 34 inches
Body Color White
Neil Patel Relationship Status
Married Status Married
Any Affair Yet Not
Ex-Girl Friend Name  –
Wife Name Don’t Know

Neil Patel Net Worth

Patel Neil’s Quісkѕрrоout and some of еtrісѕ’s associates are the most valuable websites. He earns more than $10 million. He has also partnered with many different big brand companies such as N, Mazón, and Vyacom. With which you can increase your own earnings as well. According to social media, Neil Patel has an income of $ 30 million.

Neil Patel BioGraphy Pic

Neil Patel Social Media

Neil Patel Award

Neil Patel, from a middle-class family, is one of the most influential people in the Internet wave today. According to Big Magazine, Neil is one of the top 10 marketers. Which Entrepreneur Magazine has included in the 100 Most and Best Company Makers. Neil Patel has been included in the 100 Most Influential People Under the Age of 30.

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