Osita Iheme BioGraphy

Osita Iheme BioGraphy : Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the amazing story of a boy with a great meme. A little dynamite is a big bang. Today we are going to talk about one such blast, which is a very famous boy, whom you must have seen on your social media at some point or the other. The name of the one we are going to talk about today is Osita  . For your information, let us tell you that he is an actor of Nollywood ie Nigerian film industry. Perhaps by name you still have not been able to recognize who this boy is after all? But you must have seen this boy in a meme, video or picture on your social media at one time or another. That Nigerian kid, whose expression GIFs are used to show your every mood. Osita gained worldwide recognition when American pop star Rihanna’s company Fenty Beauty posted her meme video, and then famous American rapper Fifty Saint also used Osita’s memes. Thus Osita got recognition in the global market. Today there will hardly be any person who has not seen Osita’s Memes in his life. Friends, if you like the information given by us, then you can bookmark our website, because we keep bringing this type of information to you from time to time. Thank you !

Osita Iheme BioGraphy

First of all, know that this child is no longer a child. Osita  was born on 20 February 1982. In a small town in the Emo state of Nigeria. Most of his’s memes are shots and cropped clips from her 2002 film Aki Na Ukwa and her 2007 release Stburn Files. ‘Aki Na Ukwa’ was his debut film. His name in this film was Pavpav and in Nigeria most people know him by this name. This film was the story of two brothers, who keep creating ruckus in their home, school, basically the whole village. Chinedu Ikedes was in the role of his partner brother in the film. Which looks very much like  Iheme. These two have done most of the films together. Earlier, he only got the role of a child in films. But later  Iheme played many different characters in many films


Osita  started her acting career as a child in small roles in Nollywood movies. He became a name in Nigeria in 2002. He co-starred in the family comedy film Aki Na Pawan Pawan, playing the character of Pawan Pav with Chivenu Ikedes.Later on, he began to mature into more dramatic roles. His versatility as an actor gave him the upper hand and for over a decade, he starred in up to a hundred films. With his comic skills, he won the hearts of millions of fans, as well as won prestigious awards such as the 2014 African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards for Best Actor. Some of his recent films include Aina Boy (2011); Double Mama (2015); Little Mark’s self-destruction (2017); Games Men 5: The computer game is our game (2018).He is the ambassador for the new generation of Rotary International District 9110. And a book based on life has also been written on him.

  Osita Iheme BioGraphy
Name Osita Iheme
Nick Name Paw-Paw
Age 39 Year Old
Date Of Birth 20 February 1982 
Religion Nigerian
Gender Male
Birth Place Mbaitoli, Imo, Nigeria
Profession Actor, Producer, Comedian
Zodiac sign Pisces
Salary approx $3.5 million
Father  Herbert Iheme
Mother Augustine Iheme
Sister  Don’t know
Children Don’t know
Wife Noma
 School Local High School
College Lagos State University, Enugu State University of Science and Technology
Qualification Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  Physical Status
Osita Iheme BioGraphy Cover Pic
Height 4 feet and 3 inches approx
Body type slim
Weight  50 kg approx 
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size 3 US
Chest size 33  inches Approx
Waist  size 25 inches Approx
Biceps 32 inches Approx
  Dress Size Don’t know
 Relationship Status
Are you married ? Yes
Is he Gay No
Any Affair No
Ex Girl Friend name Don’t know
Wife Name Noma
  Social Network
Facebook Link
Twitter Link 
Instagram Link
YouTube Link  Add
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Became a meme star

The credit for making Osita Memes Star goes to Nicole from Brazil! After all how? So let us tell you that on 1 day Nicole saw all the films of   Iheme , she liked her work so much that she created a twitter account and started uploading some short sheen of Iheme film on it, gradually shared by her. The pictures and videos that were taken started becoming viral very fast on social media. This is how  Iheme became the Memes Star.


Osita Iheme BioGraphy Film List
  • Okwu na uka
  • Aka Gum
  • Tom and Jerry (Nigerian film)
  • Charge & Bail
  • Back from America 2
  • Baby Police
  • I’m in Love
  • Aki na ukwa
  • 2 Rats
  • Green Snake
  • John and Johnny Just Come
  • Tell Them
  • Oke Belgium
  • Good Mother
  • Informant
  • Johnny Just Come
  • Nicodemus
  • Nwa Teacher
  • Twin Brothers
  • American Husband
  • Big Daddies
  • Columbia Connection
  • Daddy Must Obey
  • Mr.Ibu
  • Baby Police 2
  • My Business
  • The Last Orphan
  • Reggae Boys
  • Secret Adventure
  • Spoiler
  • Village Boys
  • Colours of Emotion
  • Final World Cup
  • Holy Diamond
  • I Think Twice
  • Boys from Holland
  • Brain Box
  • Criminal Law
  • Jadon
  • Last Challenge
  • Remote Control
  • Royal Messengers
  • Winning Your Love 2220525505 rs
2007 Stubborn Flies
2008 Markus D Millionaire
2010 Mirror Boy
2015 Double Mama
2017 The Self-Destruction of Little Mark
2018 Games men play 5: Computer Games is our Game

Personal Life

It was reported that Osita Ihme got married in 2017, but several months later, it all boils down to another media rumour. Shortly after his close friend and colleague, Chindu Ikediaj, tied the knot, all eyes were on he with speculation that he would soon follow suit. However, the hewho usually keeps his private life away from the media seems in no hurry to take giant leaps. This rumor sprang from a Nigerian website that made some material about the relationship between Ihme and Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama McBron. While the two remained mute spectators about the rumor, it was confirmed that the he is still single and does not yet have a wife. As to whether he is dating someone, the answer is yet to be confirmed. While not being particular about a woman’s physical quality, he said, like many Nigerian men, she prefers a woman who is godly and intelligent.

Frequently Ask Question 

Ques:  Does he have a wife? 
Ans: Yes

Ques:  Is pawpaw a kid?
Ans: No

Ques:  Is he worthy? 
Ans: Yes, his net worth around 560 million dollar .

Ques:  How old is Osita pawpaw?
Ans: 39 years (20 February 1982)

Ques:  Which state is Aki  from?
Ans: Abia State

Ques:  What is Aki and Pawpaw real name?
Ans: Chinedu Ikedieze

Ques: Who is Chinedu Ikedieze father?
Ans: Michael Ikedieze Ogbonna

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