Whitney Scott Mathers BioGraphy

Whitney Scott Mathers BioGraphy : Whitney Scott Mathers is the daughter of famous rapper Eminem. Originally, Whitney was the ex-wife of Eminem, the daughter of Kimberley Anne Scott from their past relationship. But Eminem adopted her and raised Whitney with his two other daughters. Whitney, 16, currently lives with her two other sisters. Let’s learn more about Whitney’s net worth, family, life and more.

Whitney Scott Mathers BioGraphy

The date of birth of Whitney  is April 16, 2002. And her birth place is St. Joseph is Missouri. She has got American citizenship. Her mother’s name is Kimberley Anne Scott. Her father’s name is Eric. She has been adopted by Eminem. Kimberley Anne Scott is Eminem’s ex-wife. Whitney’s biological father Eric has been absconding for many years. Whitney  has two sisters. And she was brought up with her sister. Her sister’s name is Hailey and Alaina Mathers. Eminem has also adopted Alaina. Hailey Eminem and Kimberly have their own biological daughter.


Whitney is 18 now and is already in high school. As Eminem has kept the media out of his personal life and his daughters, there is not much information to pin down on Whitney’s personal life today. Whitney is said to be closest to her sister Alaina, but said she admires her sister Hallie.

 Net Worth

Everyone is aware of Eminem’s generosity and love for his daughters. Although he portrays a very strong exterior, the rapper is known to be a softie on the inside. Eminem had a very difficult childhood which led to drug addiction and a dark childhood. That’s why he doesn’t want his children to go through what he went through as a child. So, if you are curious about what is the net worth of Eminem’s daughter, Whitney, there is no point as there is no information. However, Eminem has an estimated net worth of $ 170 million that will likely be split between his daughters. Likewise, Whitney is also not active on any social media site. Her father made sure to protect the personal lives of his daughters. None of Eminem’s daughters own any social media sites unless they are fake.

  Physical Appearance

Whitney age is 18. She stands to a height of 5 feet 2 inches. She weighs around 53 kg or 117 lbs. Her body measurements are 34-25-36 inches. She is wearing a 32 B cup bra. She also praised her amazing figure of hers. Her body is her greatest asset. You keep fit by exercising regularly. Her eye color is dark brown and she has blonde hair. She is also a fitness freak and she maintains her figure and her hair by eating green and healthy vegetables in her daily diet.

Whitney Scott Mathers BioGraphy
Real Name Whitney Scott Mathers
Nick Name Whitney
Age 18 Years Old
Date Of Birth April 16, 2002
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Know for TikTok. musical.ly, singing, and social media
Birth Place Missouri, United States
Profession Social Media Personality
Birth Sign Aries
  • Eminem
  • Eric Hartter (Biological father)
Mother Kimberly Anne Scott
Sister Alaina Marie Mathers, Hallie Jade
Grand Parents  Debbie Nelson, Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr., Kathleen Sluck, Casimer Sluck, Marie Hartter
Boyfriend N/A
School Name High School in Missouri
University  Name
Qualification Pursuing her High School education
  Physical Status
Whitney Scott Mathers BioGraphy Cover Pic
Height 5 foot 8 inches, or 172 cm
Body Slim
Weight In Kilograms – 74 Kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Shoe Size 5 US
Measurement 31 – 25 – 32 Inches

  • Chest : -31 Inches
  • Waist : 25 Inches
  • Hip : 32 Inches
Is she is married ? No
Is she lesbian No
Any Affair No
Other boyfriend Don’t Know
 boyfriend Don’t Know
  Social Media
Facebook Link Add
Twitter Link 
Instagram Link
Tiktok Link
You tube Link 

Personal Life

Talking about Eminem’s personal life, there is a long history of physical violence, drug abuse first. He fell in love with Kimberly Scott in the 90s and got married in 1999. After marriage, nothing was going right in his life. And in 1995 his daughter Hailie was born but even then personal problems in his life were not resolved. After some time, Eminem came to know that Kim was cheating on him, he was having other affairs. And because of this there was physical violence between them. Then in 2001, Eminem divorced Kim, deciding to separate from her. After the divorce, Kim began an affair with a man named Eric Hatter, and Kim gave birth to Whitney  on April 16, 2002.  Mathers has not yet met his biological father. Because his biological father i.e. Eric Hatter is absconding for many years. In the same year, Eminem adopted Whitney because her mother, Kim, had become addicted to drugs. In 2006, Eminem started a new relationship with Kim again, but this relationship did not last long again. Eminem still loves Whitney as much as he does for his other daughters. During an interview, Kim told that Eminem is a great father to his three daughters.

Affairs / Boyfriend

Mathers is currently single and is not dating anyone. She doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. Rapper Eminem’s son was born on April 16, 2002 in Missouri, United States. In these moments, she’s very focused on her career rather than any guy and relationship. Next Famous People :- Zach King BioGraphy

Frequently Ask Question 

Ques :Why did she adopt Whitney?
Ans : She legally adopt Whitney.

Ques : How is she related to Eminem?
Ans :  She Eminem’s adopted daughter.

Ques : What is her birth sign? 
Ans : Aries

Ques : What nationality is her?
Ans :  American

Ques : Is she Eminem’s biological daughter?
Ans : She comes out as Non-Binary .

Ques : How old is she?
Ans :  19 years (16 April 2002)

Ques : What is her weight ?
Ans : 74 Kg

Ques : What ethnicity is her?
Ans : English

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